Alfred University offers a number of research opportunities on and off campus for both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as faculty.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At Alfred University, we think an undergraduate research project can be one of the most rewarding learning experiences of your academic career. Whether you are in art or engineering, business or liberal arts and sciences, we encourage (and some majors require) an undergraduate research project as a capstone to your AU experience. It's the kind of experience that leads to greater success after graduation.

Show your stuff

It's not enough to learn the theory; we want you to show us - and others - that you can apply your education in ways that matter. Some Alfred University students present papers at national, state or regional conferences, including the annual meeting of the National Council for Undergraduate Research and "Posters on the Hill," designed to showcase undergraduate research projects to our nation's leaders.

Others exhibit a body of artwork they've created at the annual Senior Shows, perform a dance they've choreographed or a musical piece they've composed, or direct a production. All are invited to participate in our annual Undergraduate Research Forum.

Jumpstart your career

Alfred University has a number of research centers, including the NYS Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology, the Center for Environmental and Energy Research and the Rural Justice Institute, that attract funding from both government sources and private industry, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to work with faculty members on sponsored projects and get paid through the research contracts. Even more important than the paycheck now is the impact doing actual research may have on your career - and your earning potential - in the future.

Hands-on, not hands-off

At Alfred University, you won't have to wait until you are a graduate student to use some of the most sophisticated scientific equipment available at an academic institution. Our facilities, from the 36 kilns in Harder Hall to the five telescopes at the Stull Observatory and everything in between, are available to undergrads for their research projects.

Human Research Governance

Individuals wishing to conduct research at Alfred University involving human subjects must conform to applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. To oversee and regulate research involving human subjects most effectively, we maintain a standing committee known as the Human Subjects Research Committee (HSRC). Learn more about the committee and its responsibilities.